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The World Cologne

The World Cologne

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Discover the unique and exotic aromas of The World Cologne. Designed to evoke a feeling of global adventure, this fragrance celebrates the beauty of different cultures with every spritz. Leave behind an opulent trail of citrus, warm woods, and exotic scents, and explore the world with The World Cologne.

Ingredients: Cypress Essential Oil, Marjoram Essential Oil, Wintergreen Essential  Oil Cologne Alcohol

Directions Cologne. Depending on the cologne, spritz or lightly dab onto a specific pulse point. Then using your wrist, you want to press it to place so the cologne sits below the skin in the pulse point and not above the skin where it can slowly die away over the day.


 Always do a patch test on your hands or arms before applying a new product especially if you have sensitive skin. Homemade Products

NET WT. 1.0 oz / 28 grams

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