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Daughters of Zion Health & Wellness

Sugar Lip Scrubs

Sugar Lip Scrubs

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Treat your lips to a luxurious spa day with our Sugar Lip Scrub! Gently exfoliate your lips with natural sugar granules while nourishing and hydrating them with Vitamin E   Get softer, smoother lips with a single scrub for a truly joyous experience! 

Ingredients: Granular Sugar, Beeswax, 100 % Vegetable Glycerin,

 Vitamin E & Natural Fruit Juices

Directions: Apply on lips use in the morning or evening apply 3 times a week for best results.

Always do a patch test on your hands or arms
before applying a new product especially if you have sensitive skin.  Homemade Products


 Note: also it comes with a  wooden stick to use on your lips

NET WT. 1oz 28 grams 

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